Stibrawpa – artisans of Yorkín

sharing our ingigenous culture

Stibrawpa - Artisans of Yorkín

sharing our indigenous culture


We are the Association Stibrawpa, “artisans” in Bribri, our indigenous language. Located in Yorkin, a small village in the Bribri Indigenous Territory of Talamanca, we offer rural community based ecotourism to share our culture with our visitors, to improve the economy of our village and to protect the natural variety and beauty of our region.

During your stay at Stibrawpa you can share life with us in this natural paradise, learn how we traditionally produce organic chocolate, take a bath in the rivers, hike through the rainforest to a beautiful waterfall, have inspiring conversations about our culture and much more!

Current situation

Tourism has stopped in march and left us with hardly any income, barely enough to buy our food and daily needs. But in every crisis there lies an opportunity: We want to start a community farming project to ensure our food supply while strengthening our traditional agriculture and protecting our forest.

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